In mv-design and Nec perform and design, we have a team of construction specialists, such as plumbers, electricians, carpenters , iron smiths, builders etc.
We create indoor spaces that satisfy the client’s needs for aesthetics, safety and function. Also we can interfere with small outdoor constructions.
We take your initial idea for the space you what to create and we bring it to life.
You give us the plans and elevation blueprints and after a discussion about your needs for the project, we deliver 2D and 3D images or we take on the entire construction of your dream idea.
We can also design your business identity, logo , business cards , envelopes etc.


3D design – Photorealization.

Photorealism is the three-dimensional representation of buildings or other design objects with the help of a computer, with a faithful representation of materials, colors and lighting based on two-dimensional object designs. The photorealistic presentation is necessary nowadays for the architect, civil engineer, designer, decorator, because unlike the traditional construction of models, photorealistic 3d images ,now using sophisticated 3d programs, they form a more complete view of a project under construction even from the early stages. Facilitates the designer to understand and improve his work, while allowing the audit and finalization of colors, materials and aesthetics of the project. Additionally it gives the opportunity for prospective buyers to have a complete view of the result which must await the completion of the construction project. Another advantage is that in this way reduces the cost of changes and corrections in the construction project.