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Sempre is one of the most emblematic and oldest cafes in the busiest and most crowded pedestrian street of Peristeri.
With the expansive renovation that the owners commissioned in 2010 with Mv-Design Studio and Interior Designer Manos Vamvakousis, Emilio Veaki Street acquired a cosmopolitan air and gave the golden touch to the cafes that began to emerge one after the other, slowly converting it from a quiet street to the busy downtown cafe district that we know of today.
The challenges were many and variable.
The plan was to increase the space from 70sqm. in 145sqm.
The original, smaller Sempre had made a grand impression when it first opened. Although small, it was tastefully designed and very elegant. It took extremely detailed organization of the work so that the old piece could function properly while the new one was being built.
The experiment was successful and only had to be closed for a week for the two venues to merge.
Designer Manos Vamvakousis, a local and admirer of the old Sempre himself, wanted to show respect for the already existing space, which had been operating successfully since 2007. So he connected the new with the old in such a way that the inicial character is not altered. The new addition exuded the old  Sempre feel, while giving a fresh breath to the  Whole space which would signal the new beginning of Sempre and the  new era for the area in general.
The task was difficult, but time has shown that the difficulties are there so that capable people can overcome them.  When a creative team that has knowledge, experience and passion for what they do,  the result can only be successful!

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