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Viñedo Wine Bar

Tropical plants, used bottles, the marble bar and the handmade antique mirror – made by the grandfather of one of the two owners- are some of the many elements embedded in this Wine Bar in Peristeri, designed by Mv Design concept studio and interior Designer Mano Vamvakousi.
Viñedo occupies a 1992 building that formerly housed Peristeri’s most prestigious kitchen furniture showroom, part of the family-owned business that continues to exist next to it. The Wine Bar – which serves selected wine labels of mainly Greek wineries and producers – is located at 91 Messolonghiou Street, a hidden narrow street just a breath away from the most famous and lively “piazza” in the center of Peristeri, Emiliou Veaki.
We were asked by the owners to design a warm, attractive space with the aura of a well-kept secret, waiting for the few select ones to discover. Those who want to get off the beaten track with the bustling cafes and hustle and bustle of mainstream music and discover a small, elegant place where they can enjoy wine and gourmet delicacies that harmonically accompany their oenological pursuits.
The perfect place for a drink after work or stroll listening to selected music and with atmosphere and décor in New Luxury style with a Tropical touch.
Designed by MV Design concept studio and interior designer Mano Vamvakousi, it contains a series of small touches that characterise the space and personality of the two owners. The design is meant to provide a sense of exploration and to “reflect the diversity of images you encounter in the city of Peristeri”.
“The Viñedo Wine Bar was designed as a meeting place where creative people who love good wine can connect and fuel each other’s energy,” said the team in a description of the project. The layout of the space supports this intention and as a result it gives a very personable and friendly feeling to the space, something that our owners have clearly requested from the beginning.
Wood, marble, tile and the deep blue paint on the walls are some of the additives and elements found in the space.
Passing through the center of the space, a long and slim room inspired by old Victorian arcades and English greenhouses, emphasis is placed on the perspective that underlines the bright neon quote – good vibes only- in the depth of the space, which is also the motto of the two owners.
The space also features a corner marble bar and a wall-mounted sloping cellar for the old wine bottles.
The team added an industrial-style iron and glass window, to allow plenty of natural light to enter, filling the interior in winter and providing an indoor and outdoor connection in the summer.
The skylight is decorated with tropical plants that give the space a sense of life and warmth. The owners asked for a large, bare wall element, reminiscent of an art gallery that would be eye-catching, so these very distinct frames with the various animals dressed in human clothing were chosen.

Project credits:
Architecture: MV Design Concept Studio
Interior design: Manos Vamvacousis
Carpentry work: Nec Perform and Design

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